[Coral Gables, FL]— November 3, 2022 WorkMagic, a business technology consulting company, is proud to announce that it has been awarded a National Certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). The WBENC theme is JOIN FORCES. SUCCEED TOGETHER.

At WorkMagic, we know that success is only possible when we partner with our clients toward a set of common goals. Those goals include Diversity & Inclusion, always. Together, we will succeed, said Patricia Gonzalez Johnson, WorkMagic President and Chief Operating Officer. By including women-owned businesses among their clients and partners, WorkMagic demonstrates their commitment to fostering diverse environment in order to flourish.

About WorkMagic: WorkMagic, LLC is a business technology consulting firm. WorkMagic has expertise in Managed Services; Security; Development as well strategic planning and consulting.  WorkMagic is a new breed of Business Systems Management and Integrators. At WorkMagic, we merge automation with corporate level data ability – where operations meets IT, WorkMagic bridges the gap. We work with our clients and prospects to make their companies produce more product, operate more efficiently, and ultimately, we do this safely and securely.  To learn more about WorkMagic, please visit https://www.workmagic.com/ and Certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) – WorkMagic.

About WBENC: Founded in 1997, WBENC is the nation’s leader in women’s business development and the leading third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women, with more than 17,000 certified Women’s Business Enterprises, 14 national Regional Partner Organizations, and more than 350 Corporate Members. More than 1,000 corporations representing America’s most prestigious brands as well as many states, cities, and other entities accept WBENC Certification. For more information, visit www.wbenc.org.  
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Frank Johnson