Do You Have Cyber Insurance?

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Evolving Cyber

Threats Impacting SMEs

Sometimes, all it takes is just a single click from an employee on a malicious email or phishing link, and malware spreads across your systems, leading to data loss and account compromise. This breach can open the door for a variety of evolving cyber threats, such as the following:


In the case of a phishing attck, an employee mistakes a fraudulent email for a genuine bank request asking for personal details gaining access to financial data


In the case of a ransomware attack, an employee clicks an email link, inviting ransomware that encrypts their data and demands cryptocurrency for its return.

Data Loss

In the case of data loss, an employee downloads an unauthorized application that contains malware, resulting in the irreversible loss of company data.

Account Compromise

In the case of account compromise, an employee's stolen personal device with work email allows unauthorized access to sensive company accounts..


Our Holistic Solution

The struggle of all businesses to implement proper security measures often results in them not being eligible for cyber insurance quotes from existing providers.

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Why Companies Neet Cyber Insurance?

Rising Cyber Threats

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