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The WorkMagic Open Door Philosophy

WorkMagic is committed to creating the best work environment – a place where everyone’s voice is heard, where issues are promptly raised and resolved, and where communication flows across all levels of the company. Openness is an essential to quickly resolve customer concerns, to recognize business issues as they arise, and to address the changing needs of our diverse and global workforce.

Commitment to Open Communication – Open Door Policy
The essence of WorkMagic’s Open Door Policy is open communication in an environment of trust and mutual respect that creates a solid foundation for collaboration, growth, high performance and success across HPE.

It provides for a work environment where:

open, honest communication between managers and employees is a day-to-day business practice
employees may seek counsel, provide or solicit feedback, or raise concerns within the company
managers hold the responsibility for creating a work environment where employees’ input is welcome, advice is freely given, and issues are surfaced early and are candidly shared without the fear of retaliation when this input is shared in good faith

Grievance Policy
If you have a question or wish to discuss a possible violation, you should first discuss it with those in your management chain. If you are not comfortable with that approach for any reason, or if no action is taken, please contact the Ethics and Compliance office at: corporate.compliance@workmagic.com

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