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Dynamics 365 configuration

Exploiting the most of possible no-code configuration, we save you money and ensure you will be able to smoothly upgrade your Dynamics 365 in the future.

Configuration is enough if you want to:

  • Wrap up your app UI in corporate branding.
  • Make the system more convenient for your sales reps and managers.
  • Support several languages for international teams.


Dynamics 365 customization

What is not possible with configuration, we achieve with custom coding.

Our Dynamics customization services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Creation and modification of metadata, schema features, entities, business logic, custom workflows.
  • Design of forms and views, dashboards, e-mail and notification templates.
  • Optimization of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for mobile devices.


Custom module development

If you need some extra functionality and a relevant module doesn’t exist in Microsoft AppSource, we can create a new CRM module from scratch for:

  • Custom tools and features, such as calculators, automatic lead scoring, or one-click quote generation.
  • App integration with other corporate systems and tools (ERP, accounting, marketing automation, survey software, etc.).
  • App integration with social media.

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  • Computer vision
  • Data intelligence
  • Research & Development
  • Product Development

Explore The Benefits of Our Custom Software Services

We leverage new techs, a low-risk approach, and development accelerators to deliver next-gen value without sacrificing quality. If you choose WorkMagic for your new custom software development project, your business will benefit from:

You Think Customization Is Burdensome?

It isn’t with WorkMagic! Just three principles allow us to make it a process with little-to-no disruption to your operations.

  • Safe development environment
  • Focus on user experience
  • Strong self-management

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