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Make better decisions.
Be cyber secure.


We offer business cybersecurity strategy and consulting solutions that deliver on your top initiatives and reduce risk

Managed IT

Our managed IT service programs include fully managed and co-managed IT services to help you focus on business mission.

ERP Solutions

Our enterprise, people, procurement and financial planning solutions for Nonprofit help free your organization teams to do more of what matters: make a greater positive impact in the world.

WorkMagic Technology That Works | MANAGED SERVICES | OFFICE EASY | AI | NETWORK | 365

Managed IT Services

Comprehensive outsourcing solutions for nonprofits

Keeping your back office support functions operating at peak performance requires focused attention but it may not be the best use of your time. WorkMagic can provide experienced resources to address your finance, information technology, cybersecurity, risk and governance needs. Our nonprofit professionals can improve your business processes, maintain your IT systems, address cybersecurity concerns and regulatory requirements. This allows you to allocate your staff more effectively while increasing your operational efficiency to help transform your business.

Our Client Feedbacks

Client’s Testimonials

The team at WorkMagic is highly professional and responsive. They were always available address our questions and concerns, providing excellent customer service throughout the entire process. Their knowledge and experience in the industry were evident, and their insights. Steffy J. CEO
The team at WorkMagic does a great job at managing our technology. We are a mid-sized non profit and they do it all for us - from managing our desktops, ERP and cybersecurity. I recomend them highly. Luis O. CFO
WorkMagic Technology That Works | MANAGED SERVICES | OFFICE EASY | AI | NETWORK | 365

Technology Services for Non Profits

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At WorkMagic, We understand the unique needs and challenges of non-profit organizations and offer tailored technology solutions to help achieve their mission and goal.





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