Azure AI Services in Action

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing how content is created, automating processes, personalizing content, improving in cloud customer service, and driving innovation quickly and remarkably. Microsoft Azure AI offers a wide range of services and tools that enable developers to integrate AI capabilities into their solutions. These services encompass various AI developments such as vision, speech, language processing, and decision-making. 


Azure AI Adoption Framework

Assessment (2 Weeks)
Evaluation findings. WorkMagic suggestions for modernizing your Data and AI using Microsoft Azure and AI Services.
Planning (3-4 Weeks)
Evaluation findings. Strategic alternatives and the recommended choice Roadmap for Data and AI using Azure Data and AI stack Risk evaluation. 3-month plan
Proof-of-Concept (3-4 weeks)
An operational Azure Data & AI solution incorporating 1-2 customer data sources, 1-2 Azure Data Services, and 1-2 Power BI Dashboards

How can WorkMagic help your business with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning?

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Unlocking AI Potential Across Industries

Manufacturing Services

Optimize operations across the supply chain, automate quality control, enable proactive maintenance, and enhance worker safety.

Healthcare Services

Boost healthcare and scientific exploration, facilitate predictive care, enhance operational results, and expedite innovation in the healthcare sector

Retail Services

Revolutionize retail operations, enhance customer experiences, optimize customer support, and streamline stock replenishment.

Financial Services

Transform financial accounts operations, tackle fraud, improve customer experiences, and modernize core banking processes.






Creating Smart Applications using Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services simplifies intelligent application development by offering pre-trained machine learning models through APIs. With advanced features like natural language processing, computer vision, and speech recognition, developers and data scientists can easily create interactive solutions. This user-friendly toolkit eliminates the requirement for extensive machine learning expertise, ensuring rapid and scalable development with security and reliability in mind. 

WorkMagic’s Azure experts can perform a full candidacy assessment of your existing Azure infrastructure to determine your suitability for AIOps and MLOps. We can also determine candidacy for enterprises looking to migrate from on-premises to Azure. If we deem you suitable, we can help you start leveraging the extensive functionality present on the Azure AI and Azure Machine Learning platforms. We help you to get the full use of Azure ML and AI services. Design your models / algorithms using a drag and drop visual interface that requires no coding or programming knowledge.

The Azure AI platform offers versatile ways to enhance your project, whether it's improving application development, conducting data analysis, or boosting machine learning capabilities. Azure AI provides numerous options to customize these services according to your specific needs. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, WorkMagic not only delivers Microsoft services. We also excel in advising, assisting, and implementing the right services for your requirements. With expertise in all Azure platforms, we can help you discover the ideal AI platform solution for your business.

Azure AI boasts the most comprehensive compliance and security offerings in the AI market, ensuring your trust in a reliable solution. Reach out to WorkMagic to inquire about a customized solution for your needs.


Six Core Elements of Azure Cognitive Services






Azure Open AI Service

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