Machine Learning Development Environment


Transform to an AI-powered business

How do you advance AI across your business? With WorkMagic’s unique data-first pipeline, businesses can harness vast amounts of public and private data to fuel data analytics applications and AI model development from training to tuning. Inference is hybrid by design allowing AI workloads to be placed where they matter, from edge-to-cloud. Finally, an open architecture offers freedom of choice to take advantage of AI innovation, across your data.​

  • Build and streamline your data-first pipeline for AI
  • Speed time to value with full-stack solutions
  • Deploy AI from edge to cloud.
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HPE Greenlake

Accelerate ML model development

Learn about the comprehensive array of features integrated into the easy-to-use, high-performance solution of WorkMagic | HPE Machine Learning Development Environment.

Train models faster

Allow ML engineers to train models faster and take advantage of distributed training without changing their model code.

Remove complexity and cost

Enable ML model developers to accelerate time to value by making it easier for IT admins to set up, manage, secure, and share AI compute clusters.

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