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As Aruba Networks partners - the Aruba Location Services has ingredients that make your location-aware space a reality.

Data First

Evolve to a cloud operating model across your enterprise. Get value from your existing deployments.

Meet Security Standards

Holistically address security with management, visibility, and control toos that build upon security ready infrastructure

Unified Could Experience

Align your strategy to modernize needs and budget realities.

Balance Business Priorities

Pay for the IT that you deploy and grow to what you need when building an edge to cloud enterprise.

Meridian, Tags & Beacons

Location Services

From planning to operating and beyond, our experts help you accelerate edge to cloud transformation, optimize operations, and maximize IT investments.

  • Self-locating APs act as anchor points for measurements.
  • Intelligent software refines measurements improve indoor location accuracy.
  • The Open Locate initiative standardizes how AP locations are shared with client devices and network-based services.
  • Bluetooth beacons and tags provide context for wayfinding and asset tracking.
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Smart Location

Location services that drive business outcomes

Increase customer engagement

Differentiate the customer experience by driving visitor satisfaction with turn-by-turn navigation, boosting user engagement with proximity based advertising and promotions, and tracking valuable assets to reduce loss.

Boost operational efficiency

Leverage our Wi-Fi APs with built-in fine time measurement ranging and BLE beaconing capabilities to power a wide range of indoor location use cases. In addition, our self-locating APs update their own location, thereby saving weeks or even months of IT effort.

Simplify application development

Accelerate deployment of indoor location services using the universal framework of latitude and longitude, which is easily consumed by Google, Apple, and Bing Maps. Enable devices to precisely determine their own location using AP latitude/longitude measurements broadcast broadly over the air.

The ingredients that make your location-aware space a reality.

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