The other day while at a networking event as a guest, I was asked to described in 30 seconds or less what our company, WorkMagic, LLC does.  This is what I came up with, “WorkMagic is a Business Technology Consulting Firm.  Our solutions are tailor made for all our clients.  IT is not a department anymore, it’s an integral part of everything YOU DO.  We are looking for clients that want to be on this journey with us.”


I got to thinking about the word journey.  Journey is defined as traveling from one place to another.  With technology, most businesses define this as the dreaded word CHANGE. But when you really think about it, a journey is an adventure, a challenge, an opportunity to go somewhere different.  These words describe something POSITIVE.  The word change, unfortunately,  has a negative consequence.


The Journey of WorkMagic allows business to do what they started to do.  Let it build something or service someone.  The technology is the journey to get you there.  Technology offers you the ability to see everything that is going on in your business in real time, the ability to strategically plan your next offering and last but not least, see what you earn.


Technology is todays planes, trains and automobiles…just faster.  Technology is your biggest asset in securing your future and Technology is most of all your partner on your Journey.



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