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January 8, 2023

Fight Inflation

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Inflation 2023: How to Play Smart

Inflation 2023 can drastically change your life unless you trim your expenses early on.

A record-high inflation swept across the US this year, and if experts are to be believed, will hold strong throughout next year. Economists also predict that the US economy will enter a recession by 2023.

Unless you are thoroughly prepared, a recession will destroy your financial health. For businesses and individuals, it is important to study the US economy and, keep up with WorkMagic; and, also start setting up tight budgets to escape the effect of inflation 2023.

How Will Inflation Affect the Economy in 2023?

As we look forward to 2023, the health of the domestic economy remains a concern as high costs linger, hiring slows, and salaries stagnate. Many industries in the United States and abroad have increased costs due to supply chain issues and other factors, leading to some of the highest inflation in recent memory. 

How will WorkMagic Help Fight Inflation?

At WorkMagic during the 2022 year, we saw business' experience rising costs.  For example, Microsoft increased their retail pricing for Microsoft 365 and Azure between 20-40%.  

WorkMagic started a program in December, 2022, of discounting Microsoft 365 to new clients by up to 10%,

How do I get the WorkMagic Discounts?

Just send an e-mail to or speak to one of our experts via phone at 305-445-2920