This Text Bomb will make your iPhone Crash


A New Bug

A newly discovered text-related bug in iOS can crash the operating system with little more than an HTML link. It turns out just a simple chunk of HTML code, when sent as a link in a text message, has the power to leave iOS gasping for air. The bug, which is called ChaiOS, “causes device to freeze, respring, drains battery, and/or sometimes panic.”  The recipient doesn’t even need to open the link—simply receiving it is enough. ChaiOS may be annoying but it’s nothing to be worried about. That may be true, but it isn’t the first time simple bits of text have crashed iOS devices. These particular bugs are simple and irritating, not something that’s going to compromise your device or endanger your personal information. A continued pattern, however, is cause for concern. This is the third such bug to hit iOS in the past few years, raising concerns that Apple is simply treating symptoms in iOS and not solving problems.

Forrester security and risk analyst Jeff Pollard said that while iOS bugs happen less often and generally with less severity than Android ones, the repetitive nature of bugs like ChaiOS should, and does, raise questions.

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