Transform management of everything in your environment with the industry’s most advanced artificial intelligence for infrastructure.

Nimble Storage Sets
Six Nines Availability

Nimble Storage achieves six nines measured availability using predictive analytics and data science as the core architecture of every system.

Support You Love

Reimagine support with intelligence that predicts and prevents problems. The best support sees problems before they happen—that’s HPE Nimble Storage.


Every digital enterprise desires the fastest data response times for critical applications in order to unlock the full potential value of data. Storage Class Memory (SCM) advances that goal with the disruptive speed of memory: SCM enables dramatic performance boosts and predictable ultra-low latency at scale for demanding transactional database and analytics workloads. However, SCM today is cost-prohibitive as a persistent storage tier. The ability to leverage the benefits of SCM, therefore, requires a highly efficient hybrid architecture that optimizes cache.

HPE Nimble Storage is uniquely architected with a cache accelerated file system that efficiently optimizes read performance in hybrid configurations. Intelligent, dynamic caching ensures very high cache-hits (typically more than 95% of random read IO) for a very small percentage of cache media. As a result, for the past decade we’ve been able to deliver incredible all-flash-like performance at nearly the price of spinning media in our HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash array. And now we’ve refined our caching algorithms to optimize the next generation of high-performance media, driving performance efficiency to the point where we can deliver all-SCM-like performance near the price of all-flash storage.

Elevating the Experience

Enterprise storage today takes up too much of your time—time spent managing, upgrading, and fighting fires. It’s time to elevate your storage experience with a platform that unlocks IT agility, ensures apps are always-on and always-fast, and extends across hybrid cloud. It’s time to experience HPE Nimble Storage.

Guaranteed Availability
Issues Resolved Automatically
Lower Storage Expenses

HPE Nimble Storage All-Flash Arrays

Predicts and prevents issues to help deliver 99.9999% guaranteed availability and resolves 86% of issues before you even know there’s a problem.

With severe challenges to business operations globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are experiencing surges in application workloads and data storage requirements. HPE Nimble Storage is here to help: available now, fast to deploy, and simple to manage, Nimble is ideal for your business apps and ready to help you meet your workload and capacity challenges.

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