Data Security

Protect your business from unexpected disasters with comprehensive backup strategies.


Is your business protected from cyber threats?

Cyber threats: Is your business protected? Data breaches and cyberattacks on businesses have grown in frequency, with breaches hitting a record number in 2016. Losses due to this scourge are on the rise.* “Experts say you need to assume your business will be hit with a cyberattack—and hit soon, ”

WorkMagic’s Data Security services provide you with:
  • Complete protection- to shield your business from malware and hackers.
  • Virtual Private Networks - that allow for highly secure access to your network from remote locations.
  • Email and network encryption - to protect your privacy.

"We have empowered our employees to be more happy and productive, simplified our enterprise management..."

Michelle Ross


"WorkMagic provides us with granular control over who has access to what apps without us having to take on the management of devices we don't own."

Tony Ortiz


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