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Crucial Security For End Users

No “it will not happen to me” thoughts

No hackers limit their operation just to the secret or crucial information. Certain data which the general user does not consider to be that crucial might catch the eye of a hacker. To tackle this threat, it is essential that every individual considers their device to have crucial data and keep it secure.


Leaving devices unlocked

Leaving your mobile device or computer unattended is yet another common mistake which most end users end up committing unintentionally. Whether you are at a friend’s place or a cafe, whether you need to attend an important call, or you need to go to the washroom quick, the first thing you need to do before leaving your device is locking it.


Always use secure network connection

Avoid doing crucial transactions over a public network. Any network other than your home or work network is an insecure network. Even though the data over your device is encrypted, it is not necessary that the connected network transfers the data in an encrypted format.

Describing it in a broad vision, the end users are the ones who are at the receiving end of the IT services. The customers who make use of the services like net e-selling services and many others likewise.  One of the principal objectives of WorkMagic is to make the user aware of the various security threats related to technology which will help them relate to their routine life and steer clear of a few ignored threats.

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