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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s latest SaaS (Software as a Service) business solution, an ERP solution hosted in the cloud and purchased on a subscription basis. Dynamics 365 combines ERP and CRM functionality and is available in two versions: Business and Enterprise. But what’s the difference between the two versions?

Dynamics 365 Business Edition

Dynamics 365 Business Edition combines sales, customer service, operations, finance, service, project service automation, marketing and customer insight and also includes a number of familiar tools.

The functionalities of the Business Edition is very similar to the functionality we know from Dynamics NAV.

So if you’re looking for a cost effective ERP solution that can be expanded as your business expands, Dynamics 365 Business Edition is the right choice for you.

Business Edition also works seamlessly with Office 365 and Dynamics CRM.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition

The functionality in Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition corresponds to Dynamics AX, making it the complex and advanced of the two versions of Dynamics 365. As with Dynamics AX, Microsoft recommends the Enterprise Edition to the very large companies, specifically companies with more than 250 employees.

Like Business Edition, Enterprise Edition’s works seamlessly with Office 365 and Dynamics CRM.

Modules and functionality

When choosing which Dynamics 365 solution is right for your business, you should look at which modules are available on the two platforms in terms of what you need for functionality, but of course also which solution suits your budget.


Modules in Dynamics 365
Business Edition vs. Enterprise Edition
Module Dynamics 365
Business Edition
Dynamics 365
Enterprise Edition
Finance and operations Limited functionality Extensive functionality
Sales Limited functionality Full functionality
Marketing So far unknown Full functionality (Adobe)
Customer service Limited functionality Full functionality
Project Service Not included Full functionality
Field Service Not included Full functionality
Retail  Not included Full functionality
Talent Not included Full functionality

Business or Enterprise?

The following is an indicative summary of the differences between Business and Enterprise Edition.

Dynamics 365
Business Edition vs. Enterprise Edition

Dynamics 365
Business Edition

Dynamics 365
Enterprise Edition

Designed for 1-50 users Designed for more than 250 users
Available exclusively in the cloud Both available in the cloud as well as an local installation
Includes finance Includes operation, sales, marketing, customer service, service and project service automation
Developed for companies with limited financial needs Developed for companies with expanded financial needs
Integration to sales and marketing Sales and Marketing through Adobe’s Marketing Cloud
For businesses that have grown out of their startup accounting system For companies that need very extensive and advanced ERP functionality, integration and analysis

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