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Enabling you to run your business smoothly and securely.
We empower and enable business success with a secure and reliable IT infrastructure Solutions for the past 25 years, the one that is Pervasive, Cost-effective and Efficient.


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WorkMagic is a leader in cybersecurity, consulting, strategy and business dynamics, and artificial intelligence. The insights and quality services we deliver help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies the world over.

Office Easy Secure

Our Managed Services takes on the 360-degree responsibility of the entire IT operations of the organisation, including 24X7 monitoring, Cyber Security IT support on demand as well as problem resolution.

We become experts in how your business is run and in your network.

The burden of your technology moves to WorkMagic. With remote 24/7/365 proactive problem solving, we keep your business technology running smoothly and secure.

Office Easy

With a flat-rate IT spend (including support, monitoring and licenses) you effectively streamline your budget. No surprise IT invoices and no unexpected costs!

What It Includes -

Our Office Easy Secure service includes everything in the Office Easy Standard plan plus an aggressive cyber security service to identify and block malicious software.

Web Filtering

We use the internet’s infrastructure to block malicious and unwanted domains, IP addresses, and cloud applications before a connection is ever established.

Managed Threat Response

24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response delivered by an expert team as a fully-managed service


End-user security guidance and training on maximizing the use of the client Platforms safely and securely.

Artificial Intelligence

Our MTR fuses machine learning technology and expert analysis to eliminate threats with speed and precision.
Powerful tools help you work, learn, organize, connect, and create
  • Operational Flexibility
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance
  • Cost Optimization

WorkMagic provides you with flexibility in selecting the right level of operations assistance, whether you are migrating to the cloud or just need extra help with monitoring, incidents, or patch management.

WorkMagic builds and maintains a growing repository of compliance, operational, and security guardrails that help keep you aligned with your controls.

WorkMagic helps with financial and capacity optimization across your technology estate, and any savings identified optimizes your costs without impacting operational outcomes or security.

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About Our Company

WorkMagic is a privately owned Business Technology Consulting firm formed in 2009. Today we’re proud to boast a strong team of IT engineers who thrive on rolling up their sleeves and solving your IT problems and meeting your business needs. We are on a mission to exceed your expectations and form a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with you
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