Microsoft Teams features for team productivity

Let’s start with the Microsoft Teams features that drive results for your entire team.

Teams is designed to boost productivity by improving the flow of information in your business. Even just making sure that different groups throughout your business can communicate is enough to improve productivity. 86% of employees cite lack of collaboration for workplace failures.

1 – Tabs

Tabs in Microsoft Teams allow businesses to display rich and interactive web content to their teams. There are two kinds of tabs on Teams:

  • Static tabs: These support individual users. For instance, you might have a tab that allows employees to make personal notes as they work.
  • Configurable tabs: These are part of your Teams channel. They offer ongoing information and guidance to teams.

Microsoft Teams tabs

2 – Microsoft Immersive Reader

This is one of those Microsoft Teams features that is often overlooked as a capability reserved for educational institutions.

The immersive reader speaks the text on a channel aloud at varying speeds. If you’re struggling to focus on a piece of text, or you need to grab information while your eyes are focused elsewhere, the Immersive Reader is useful functionality.

Click on the 3 dots on any message and select the reader from your drop-down menu.

This 90-second video from Microsoft shows you how to use Immersive Reader.

3 – Activity filtering with @ mentions:

It’s challenging staying productive when your eye is always on the real-time chat feed in Microsoft Teams. Fortunately, you can filter the content you see with @Mentions.

This allows you to separate your personal messages and to-do lists from other less relevant conversations.

The activity filter ensures that you stay up to date with the right information without facing the threat of information overwhelm.

Microsoft Teams features
@ mentions in Microsoft Teams

4 – Bookmark specific content:

Want to make sure that you can find the information you need in a hurry when you’re working on a project?

Microsoft Teams comes with the option to bookmark specific pieces of content, whether it’s a message or an attachment. You can classify the content is important to you and spend less time searching for crucial data.

In many businesses, there’s a constant stream of information moving through a chat app at any time. Bookmarking your content helps you to cut through the noise and find the data you need. See the below screenshot where the final message has a pink highlight on the right hand side.

Microsoft Teams features
Microsoft Teams bookmark

Teams Search and Filter is useful for finding content too.

Microsoft Teams Search and Filter
Microsoft Teams Search and Filter

 – Get work done fast with slash commands

Speed is important in today’s agile workplace. If you want to get work done fast, then you need to make sure that you’re navigating Microsoft Teams as efficiently as possible.

One great way to do this is with slash commands. For instance, you can use a slash command to set your status to “online” or “away”. Alternatively, you can make sure you’re not missing out on anything important with /WhatsNew. This takes you straight to the Release Notes tab on the T-bot channel, so you can check out new features.

Some of the best slash commands include:

  • /Files – Shows the most recent files shared with you on Teams.
  • /GoTo – Lets you jump straight to a channel
  • /Call – Initiates a call with someone else on Teams
  • /Help – Delivers assistance via T-bot
  • /Saved – Takes you to your saved messages

Type / into Teams to see other options.

6 – Access a personalized view of apps and contacts

There’s a reason why today’s employees love using specific apps to get work done.

We all feel more productive if we’re getting a personalized, familiar experience from our tools. Fortunately for Microsoft Teams users, it’s now possible to create a 100% unique environment just for you. For instance, you can access the “Personal App Space” to see all the items and tasks assigned to you from apps like Planner, or Jira Cloud.

The Personal Apps space also includes a “Who” tab, which allows you to search for people in your contacts by topic or name. Click on the “…” in your left-hand navigation menu to see the personal apps space.

Speaking of making your Teams experience more personalized, don’t forget that you can also change your theme too. Click on the general section of the app settings to implement “dark mode” for your mobile devices.

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