Maintain Smart, Insightful, and Predictable Networks

Deploy and secure remote networks with the ease of plug-and-play.

Work from home or set up a temporary site with a solution that’s easy to deploy and manage. Aruba access points are automatically configured, so employees just plug them into any existing Internet connection and they’re ready to go.

Work from home during these challenging times.

Supporting the latest Wi-Fi standards, up to 4 wired ports, and multiple WAN uplinks, get blazing fast connectivity and SLA-grade application assurance. Aruba RAPs can connect wired printers or power IP phones – to maintain workforce business continuity.

Aruba Central for flexibility and scale.

Easily and safely deliver enterprise services using IAP-VPN and Aruba VIA solutions to remote offices, mobile users, and temporary work and study locations. Cloud-native orchestration means that IT can quickly enable and scale VPN services where they’re needed most.

Automated.  Unified.  Secure.


Maintaining persistent VPN connectivity with full tunneling capabilities, Aruba RAPs provide secure routing of personal and work traffic to maintain privacy and compliance. Centrally managed by a VPNC ensures needed compliance changes happen instantly.


VPN services for secure connectivity.

If you don’t have a RAP, or you’re away from the home office, your employees and students can download the Aruba VIA VPN app for mobile phones, laptops, and desktops.

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