We Know Law Firm Technology

A business technology consultant  is a person who assists attorneys practice law efficiently and securely.

New Law Firm
IT Setup

WorkMagic Office Easy Service is  feature-rich and has many options and functional capabilities available to the startup law firm and staff.  Here are some of our features:

[leap_ul][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″]Cyber Security & Malware Prevention [/leap_li][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″]Microsoft 365[/leap_li][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″]Device and Mail Encryption[/leap_li][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″]End User Training[/leap_li][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″]24/7/365  Support[/leap_li][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″]Florida Bar Compliance[/leap_li] [/leap_ul]

Existing Law Firms
IT Management

Our Office Easy Service examines whether a law firm is using technology to its maximum advantage and, if not, offers recommendations to increase attorney efficiency. 

Some of our services:

[leap_ul][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″]Network Administration[/leap_li][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″]Business Continuity[/leap_li][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″]Remote Connectivity[/leap_li][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″]Cyber Security & Malware Prevention[/leap_li][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″]Automated Workflows[/leap_li][/leap_ul]

Data Security Analysis
Law Office Best Practice

With cloud computing, solo and small-firm attorneys are able to increase efficiencies in their practices and compete with large firms in ways never before seen.

Some of our best practices:

[leap_ul][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″]Microsoft Office 365[/leap_li][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″]Microsoft Cloud[/leap_li][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″]Data Encryption[/leap_li][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″]Fraud Prevention[/leap_li][leap_li icon=”f0e3″ iconcolor=”#000000″]IT Policies and Procedures[/leap_li][/leap_ul]


All attorneys must be aware of their technology, and how they communicate, can create ethical, legal and professional issues. Some of what WorkMagic does is common sense; all of it has important ramifications for Florida’s lawyers trying to understand not only the best way to use technology, but the best way to protect themselves.

The use of technology in the practice of law requires a new approach to time management and the need to follow “e-etiquette,” using courtesy and respect in electronic communications. Lawyers may violate the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar if they don’t devote attention to these essential elements.


Texting has become a common form of communication, and a level of basic etiquette is required.


E-mail is a quick and convenient way to connect with clients, colleagues, the court system and opposing counsel