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To meet the unique and evolving requirements of the United States Federal, State, Local, and Tribal governments, as well as contractors holding or processing data on behalf of the US Government, WorkMagic offers the Microsoft Office 365 Government GCC environment.

Office 365 GCC

Office 365 Government GCC and Yammer

Office 365 Government GCC Support

Office 365 GCC customer support is provided under the same terms and conditions offered to Worldwide versions of Office 365, including no support agent physical location or citizenship assurances. Office 365 GCC operates in conjunction with Azure Public Cloud, which is supported under the following terms and conditions.

SharePoint for US government environments

In addition to enjoying the features and capabilities of Office 365, organizations benefit from the following features that are unique to the US government cloud environments:

  • Your organization’s customer content is logically segregated from customer content in the commercial Office 365 services from Microsoft.
  • Your organization’s customer content is stored within the United States.
  • Access to your organization’s customer content is restricted to screened Microsoft personnel.
  • The government cloud environments comply with certifications and accreditations that are required for US Public Sector customers.

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Office 365 Government


In response to the unprecedented increase in calls, and to ensure continuity and availability, Microsoft is allowing Microsoft Teams GCC audio/video servers to leverage processing capacity in our commercial datacenters, as well as in our government datacenters.

These audio/video servers reside within the Microsoft Azure FedRAMP High accreditation boundary servers in the United States and do not store any customer content. However, these servers are processing audio and video for calls and conferences and are operating under our commercial staff during this interim period.

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The GCC environment provides compliance with US government requirements for cloud services.



Validate your organization’s eligibility for Office 365 Government offerings.


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