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WorkMagic is a leader in cybersecurity, consulting, strategy and business dynamics, and artificial intelligence. The insights and quality services we deliver help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies the world over.

Intelligent government solutions

Solutions for U.S. Public Sector

Pursue your vision of economic, social, and environmental prosperity for the people you serve with inclusive technology that seamlessly blends into everyday life.

Protect, detect, respond

Leverage automation to help protect your agency against cyberattacks.

Complies with U.S. Government Standards

Microsoft 365 was built to meet the enhanced security and compliance requirements of the US government.

Cross-agency collaboration

Transform coordination across departments to improve mission outcomes.

Empower every government agency and person on the planet to achieve more.

Lead with impact

Now more than ever, the public sector must balance the stability of service delivery with the speed to react to citizens’ changing needs. Facing limited resources, compressed timelines and unprecedented challenges, leaders must embrace new ways of working to be successful.

We combine human ingenuity, technology and a delivery-focused culture to enable leaders across public sector organizations to turn ambition into action. By maximizing the value of existing investments and expertise, we help build the foundations of material improvement that delivers sustainable value for citizens and creates lasting capability within government.

The result is more agile government, with services that respond to individual needs, empowered civil service teams that are ready for anything and an efficient technology infrastructure that can scale rapidly.


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Advance your mission

Making a difference in citizens’ lives requires not just setting a bold vision but executing pragmatically and efficiently against it. Our deep industry expertise drives end-to-end, proven solutions to help your organization evolve.

Cloud acceleration and digital platforms

Public service agencies must plan to scale services rapidly and seamlessly using cloud technology and digital platforms with certainty while being mindful of citizen/workforce trust and security.