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Technology for the Construction Industry

minimize your documents

Companies that actively make use of cloud storage will find the effect cumulative —employees used to accessing documents from their portable devices will start requesting for the digital equivalent in lieu of messy paper printouts. Before long, a culture in which documents are only printed when absolutely necessary will develop.

follow client payments

The WorkMagic construction management tools and software help you manage the entire lifecycle of your project from initial sketch through final handover. Ensure better communication, smoother projects and more bidding opportunities with our solutions.

saved to the cloud

WorkMagic Cloud storage offers file access anywhere there is Internet access. Given the inexorable trend of BYOD and the proliferation of mobile devices, this effectively means that workers need not see their productivity hit by an unnecessary trip back to the office for documents stored at an office computer.

automate repeating tasks

Ensure business continuity and pave a path for innovation by ​quickly streamlining operations, adapting processes, and automating workflows using low-code tools.

Frequently asked questions

The WorkMagic ERP and CRM for Construction keeps your company in the know with fully integrated and accessible real-time information from every part of the business. This means less time entering data into multiple systems, less time retrieving data from multiple systems, and more time focusing on what to actually do with the information. We want to give you that vital time to examine current practices, profitability, and work on your business instead of just working in it.

Yes.  We use project to revolutionize your project management.  From Managing schedules, streamlining bids to real-time dashboards so you can focus on your business.

The WorkMagic Dynamics 365 Project Solution for Construction provides:

  • Real-time Resource Management and Scheduling Engine – get the right person to the right place with the right materials at the right time with real-time resource scheduling based on skills and availability
  • Equipment Management – effectively place and utilize high cost equipment across multiple projects
  • Accurate Cost Projections – verify the exact people, equipment and other resources available for each project before it begins
  • Mobile Accessibility – enter data once and access it on any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Hard or Soft Booking – hard-book resources with up to date information and soft-book when you are close to a sale
  • Real-time Profitability – stop issuing quotes with out of date cost and profitability equations
  • Customizable Billing Arrangements – stop the monthly billing scramble – even complex billing arrangements like percent complete or milestone billings are handled seamlessly and automatically
  • Ability to Quickly Adapt to Changes – see project changes and possible delays before they happen and adjust accordingly without disrupting the project
  • Quote-To-Project Automation Cycle – analyze and plan, from the project level all the way up to project portfolios, in one integrated system
  • Customer Retention – accurately forecast costs, stay on budget and on time to open the door for future opportunities
  • Inventory Tracking – Keep track of tools, materials and parts on site and in the warehouse with automatic replenishment capabilities (where did you find “automatic replenishment capabilities” especially for tools?)
  • Leverage Microsoft Products Your People Already Use – interoperability and native integration with Excel, Word, Outlook and Microsoft Project Server
  • One fully integrated system – on-site workers, off-site workers, Finance, HR, Senior Management and everyone in between have the ability to share information and collaborate like never before with secure, role-tailored browser-based access
  • Business Intelligence at your fingertips – Utilizing PowerBI, SSRS and other reporting platforms has never been easier than when it is embedded right in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations – use both real-time and historical data to plan, forecast and execute.
  • Administrative and Operations Management – streamline Financials, Customer Management and Supply Chain processes, including multi-site, multi-lingual, and multi-currency operations capabilities
  • E-Commerce – web-based application framework allows users to interact with data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations ERP through a web browser.
  • Workflow Automation – Fully automated workflows with easy-to-use drag and drop graphical workflow components
  • Role-Tailored User Interfaces – role-specific dashboards, alerts, task lists, and reports for improved individual productivity and decision making
  • Enterprise Content Management – Integrated document capture and retrieval technology makes related information instantly accessible anywhere within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
  • Extensive Audit Trails – Incorporate electronic signature functionality into business processes, providing complete visibility and audit trails.
With Azure Machine Learning and its MLOps capabilities, our data scientists and data analysts get an entry point that traditional DevOps tools don’t provide.