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WorkMagic is a leader in cybersecurity, consulting, strategy and business dynamics, and artificial intelligence. The insights and quality services we deliver help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies the world over.

Virtual Health

WorkMagic's behavioral health technology remove geographic, physical and other barriers to free-up clinician time and enable people to self-manage their situation more effectively.

Cloud Services

Blend legacy systems with new technologies to become the intelligent healthcare enterprise of the future, from the back-office to the doctor’s office.

Cyber Security

We Get Inside Of The Minds Of Cyber Attackers To Help You Stay Ahead Of Every Move. From Insights To Action Across The World, Delivering 360° Value By Embracing Change.
Behavioral Health Organizations

Functional, dependable technology to meet patients’ needs for care

We can Help Orchestrate an Innovative, End-to-End Healthcare Solution for Your Org. Achieve Your Technology Goals with WorkMagic.

Why You Need WorkMagic for Your Behavioral Health Organization?

WorkMagic IT staff plays a critical role in setting up tele-behavioral health in the beginning and also running telehealth services each day. Immediate responses from WorkMagic IT are critical to the telebehavioral health effort, because it involves live patient care. Live behavioral health patients could be in crisis or in delicate states that require immediate attention from the provider and staff. Therefore, technical issues must be addressed absolutely immediately. There can be no delay. WorkMagic IT staff will be on call and ready to help troubleshoot video connection and Electronic Health Record issues without hesitation.

Our Guide for Setting up and Maintaining

Behavioral Health Services

Setting up behavioral health services can be quite a complex process. Many don’t know where to begin. We hope to take away the mystery of how it’s done. We hope to make the process as straightforward as possible, but without constraining how you implement it.









Our Recommended Services

Behavioral Health Industry

Integrating WorkMagic technology into behavioral health care can improve care coordination and patient outcomes. The services we provide will help you adopt and implement WorkMagic  in your practice.

Artificial Intelligence

Scale AI, analytics and automation - and the data that fuels it all for insights that empower every single person and process.

Office Easy

Embed connectivity, data, AI and Cyber Security into everything your business operates, makes and sells.

Cyber Security

Is your organization ready to secure patient data against new threats?
Without the right security strategy and infrastructure, behavioral health organizations are leaving patient data vulnerable and themselves open to bearing the immense cost of a data breach.

Strategy & Consulting

We’re ready to help you reinvent. So, no matter what lies ahead, you can emerge stronger. Today and tomorrow.

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