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Moving beyond digitization into transformation is the new challenge, and health organizations across the globe are rallying with innovation.

Innovations in Health

here’s no shortage of data available to the health industry. Yet most organizations struggle to turn data into action that can reduce cost pressures, streamline operations, speed innovation, and improve outcomes.


Expert IT services for the healthcare Industry

WorkMagic technology Consultants & Our Managed IT Services Support Team works with many healthcare and medical organizations. You can trust our specialized, industry-specific support solutions that fits the needs of your medical practice.

  • HIPAA Compliance - Our experts will ensure that you stay compliant with all the regulations.
  • Cybersecurity - We identify and eliminate security threats before they can affect your practice.
  • Remote Monitoring - Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to provide the assistance you need.
  • EMR - Your medical records are delivered via the internet for faster and more secure access.

Whether you have an immediate IT issue that needs to be resolved, or you require a Customized Technology Plan to improve your healthcare or clinical operations, you can depend on WorkMagic Contact us at: info@workmagic.com or (305) 445-2920.

Our engineers deliver a full array of technology solutions to help you streamline operations and deliver outstanding patient care.

Recommended Healthcare Solutions

Managed Office 365

Complies with industry-standard regulations and is designed to help you meet regulatory requirements.

Internet Access

Reliable, high-speed connectivity to support a growing use of technology in the medical office.

Managed Firewall

Provides a high level of protection against network threats, and uses content filtering to ensure CIPA compliance.

Microsoft Teams

The hub for team collaboration in Office 365 that integrates the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective.

Unified Communications

Hosted in the cloud and allows you to monitor and preserve communications

Healthcare and Life Science

Integrated solutions and services that leverage digital technology advances to make medicine and research more precise and focused on the individual.


Better patient, provider, and facility experiences are accelerating the adoption of IoT in healthcare.

Ultra reliable wireless forpoint-of-care applications.

Boost your hospital’s health by integrating Wi-Fi, role-based access control, and mobile apps into one seamless solution. You’ll be able to secure and prioritize critical-care apps while ensuring that patients and guests enjoy a first-rate healthcare experience.

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