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Time is money. Every minute that an employee wastes waiting for a document to be delivered on-site is a direct hit on their budget. Office 365 allows companies to get all the information they need right away. One American construction firm said it saved about $156,000 US a year and gained 51 hours a week in productivity by using Office 365.

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Users on the road

More than 80 percent of people in construction work away from their desk. People such as plumbers, mechanics, woodworkers, utility workers and so on, make their money on the road, building houses, offices, and roads to name but a few. To this end, these people need to be able to get their work done away from anywhere. They need access to the things important to them, and they want and need to access them using the mobile devices they have, whether it’s a smartphone or table. For the plumber, as an example, this accessibility could mean checking the availability of a part, or the price of a service, or changes in their schedule while on site, in the moment, as opposed to having to call a customer back later.


When engineers work on a specific configuration, such as designing a home kitchen, they need to be able to access the plans while at the home they’re working on. They may also need to see what’s in stock. Limited access to email on smartphones and other devices keeps them from staying current with objects, answering emails in a timely fashion, and accessing documents and pictures that they need to reference when off-site.

Scale up and down

Many projects are created for a short amount of time and then broken down when completed. Many construction companies also are severely impacted by economic upturns and downturns. As a result, these companies bring aboard or let go of people all the time. To this end, companies want solutions that they can easily build up and expand or scale down according to their needs and fluctuations in growth. It’s hard to keep track of licensing costs and there’s often confusion over switching licenses.

Affordable costs

With construction, you often have your staff, your people in the field, and then your external contractors who are temporarily brought into the fold on a project. With all of these moving pieces, it’s imperative that all parties can communicate with each other and access the same information without incurring exorbitant costs. Ideally, a company could achieve this affordably in such a way as to accurately measure and predict costs.

Act of Office Easy

Designed for small businesses and mid-market, WorkMagic Office Easy! Office gives you organised access to key customer details and powerful email marketing, making it easy to grow your business. Best part, it is the perfect fit with Office 365®, connecting your contacts and emails.

Construction Companies Partner with WorkMagic and Office 365 to Work Smarter

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