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The rapid growth of financial technology has increased the playing field of possibilities, inspiring collaboration across the financial services ecosystem. Whether you are a fintech looking to gain visibility; a financial institution looking to become more customer-centric or transform its infrastructure; or an investor looking to find the next influential startup, our fintech services can help you make an informed decision and jump start your growth.

  • Remain Safe - We protect your valuable business network programs and data against attack damage and unauthorized access.
  • Remain Secure - Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of security for all your endpoint devices and mission-critical data.
  • Remain Compliant - You can rest easy knowing your data security meets policies standards laws and regulations.

Fintech is all about applying evolving technological advances to improve financial services - either reinventing or simplifying a process, increasing its functionality and making it more engaging for users. The ‘tech’ in Fintech is the emergence of brand new technologies, such as AI, blockchain, analytics and big data.

There has been a recent decline in Fintech adoption – with investment hard to come by, and because deploying these new technologies has not resulted in immediate benefits - there has been slow momentum. This period of slow Fintech adoption will likely be short lived. Deployments will accelerate as adjustments to the technology e.g. blockchain or to risk management e.g. AI, are made. Just a few years ago, cloud was seen as an impossible solution for financial services, but is now transforming the industry. As with cloud, the cost benefits of adopting Fintech will be realised eventually.

We keep your systems up to date and install the latest antimalware programs to prevent data breaches.

Recommended Solutions

Managed Office 365

Complies with industry-standard regulations and is designed to help you meet regulatory requirements.

Internet Access

Reliable, high-speed connectivity to support a growing use of technology in the classroom.

Managed Firewall

Provides a high level of protection against network threats, and uses content filtering to ensure CIPA compliance.


Seamlessly connect all locations with flexible dialing plans, free calls between sites, and much more.

Unified Communications

Hosted in the cloud and allows you to monitor and preserve communications

Additional MSx Solutions

Outsource or augment your existing IT staff with managed IT solutions including managed LAN, workstations, servers, and backup.


Other IT Services & Solutions

Office Easy

Strategically optimize and protect your infrastructure with 24/7/365 Proactive Monitoring.

Continuous Improvement

Establishing continuous improvement capabilities requires top-down commitment Experience has taught us that there are TWO keys to success Top-down commitment to preparing the organisational culture to embrace measurement as a valued improvement technique Learners with the aptitude and attitude to acquire and execute new skills, methodologies, and tools to deliver on-going measurable improvement

Innovative Solutions

The dynamics of the technology support business are rapidly changing, with the demand to streamline operations, reduce complexity and decrease costs. WorkMagic Technology Support Services is revolutionizing IT support for the future, with innovative, advanced technologies to help simplify your IT support management and dramatically expand and extend new value to your business.

Certified Experts

The Office Easy Solution Expert (Professional) is responsible to analyze, plan, design, deploy, and operate HP Enterprise and Microsoft applications using an appropriate methodology and development approach.

To achieve the WorkMagic Certified Solution Expert -HP Enterprise certification, candidates must possess the skills identified under Recommended Prerequisite Skills, if any, and pass four (4) exams.

Targeting and Positioning

The segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategies of a company significantly affect its business performance in the competitive marketplace. An appropriate segmentation of consumers as well as of a market, and methodically positioning products and services, contribute considerably to the success of the company.

Personal Approach

High-quality customer service is still important in growing and retaining the customer base but relying on human insight is no longer enough to attract and keep the modern insurance customer. Today's front-line staff should be supported by machine intelligence, which elevates their skills and experience to do new kinds of work in new ways and ultimately deliver better customer outcomes.

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