Building your Infrastructure


Whether you are a research scientist working on grand challenge problems or a business looking to build a better product in less time, the importance of the WorkMagic Cloud Solutions continues to grow.

For a business looking to leverage the WorkMagic Cloud Solutions, think of it much like building a house.  The first thing you need is a plan which starts with as solid a foundation as possible so that whatever you build on top of it will stand the test of time.  WorkMagic often headlines all important hardware.  However, software, automation and security are also needed to enable business to leverage and manage this infrastructure.  Many fundamental questions come to mind such as:

  • How do our users get work done on the system?
  • How do we ensure that we are getting the most out of our investment?
  • Why are critical jobs sometimes failing to run?
  • Do we have idle capacity that we can use for my next project?
  • Are we tying up compute resources waiting for data to be transferred?
  • How can we provide users with tools that are easy to learn and easy to use?

The WorkMagic Cloud Solutions have been evolving to help organizations get the most out of their investment, while keeping users productive and happy!

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