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Artificial Intelligence

It’s our unique approach to scaling AI, analytics and automation—and the data that fuels it all—to power every single person and every single process.

We work with you to invest in the right scalable solutions and services to help you achieve your business objectives faster. And we facilitate cultural changes to help your workforce use data and AI to deliver continuous innovation and growth.

Cyber Security

Identify, understand, and respond to threats faster. Defend your enterprise with machine learning and behavior-based detection.

WorkMagic places a high priority on security operations and implementations. We design our solutions and select our products based on protecting your company’s digital assets and keeping cyber criminals out.

Managed Services

With our managed IT services, user productivity increases and infrastructure downtime is minimized with 24/7 monitoring tools, routine maintenance, and end user support.

We provide flat rate monthly support plans that control the budget while clients benefit from our exceptional customer service and expertise. Our plans and services are completely scalable and grow as your business grows allowing you to save on paying for unnecessary resources.

Business Dynamics

Strengthen Your Resilience to Thrive in the Face of Change with WorkMagic's Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Strengthen Your Resilience to Thrive in the Face of Change with WorkMagic's Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Working Process

Our Working Process - How We Work For Our Customers



Understanding business goals – customer acquisition, employee efficiency – can ensure the onboarding process is in line with what matters to clients’ bottom lines.



Clients should be made aware of security best practices and how adapting a multi-layered defense is the strongest approach to protecting their users, devices and data. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to security.



Streamlining a multi-step onboarding process is key to getting customers configured easily. Regardless, our technicians are able to go to the customers’ deployment and understand what was done.



We prove the value of our managed services. We show a regular report of what has been accomplished (what we’ve patched, what malware we’ve caught). We give our clients peace of mind, showing our effectiveness and can tie back to the business goals.

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